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Vinfast VF5 Review


The VF5, VF6, and VF7 SUVs were unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, bringing VinFast’s entirely electric lineup to five vehicles. Customers will benefit from the renaming of the current electric cars VF e35 and VF e36 to VF8 and VF9 by the Vietnamese business that plans to join the US market.

The electric SUVs, as their names suggest, cover a wide range of market categories. Pininfarina and Torino Design created the VF5 (A-SUV), VF6 (B-SUV), VF7 (C-SUV), VF8 (D-SUV), and VF9 (E-SUV). All of them include VinFast’s unique wing-shaped LED lights, contoured bodies, and other stylistic accents for a cohesive aesthetic.

The impressive VF5, is the smallest of the five VinFast vehicles, is the size of a city hatchback with a more SUV-like appearance.

It was developed by Italian design studios Pininfarina and Torino Design, as were the other five variants.

Bulging wheel arches add to the stocky image, while sleek LED lights form a V into the V logo in the center of the bonnet.

Aside from the VF6 and VF7, VinFast debuted the VF5 tiny urban SUV segment at CES 2022, offering buyers their first look at the anticipated electric vehicle.

In the future, the new VinFast VF5 2023 will replace Fadil in Vietnam. Vinfast VF5 is not as remarkable as its two siblings VF6 and VF7’s LED lighting system because it belongs to a tiny automobile and is supposed to have more popular pricing.

VinFast vf5 launch Date

Vinfast VF5 class A electric SUV officially launched to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show – CES 2022 on 07/01/2022 taking place from January 5, 2022, to January 8, 2022, in Las Vegas

VinFast vf5 Design, Infotainment Tech & Connectivity

A glossy chrome brace replaces the LED strip on both sides of the V-logo at the top of the car, and the headlights appear to employ halogen technology rather than LED bulbs. With a contrasting two-tone color scheme between the body and the hood, the VinFast VF5 generates a young and energetic impression of styling details from the side.

The columns and black cladding accents also give the hood a similar stunning floating aspect. VF6 and VF7 are the same. The car is equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels with a 5-spoke design, however, this may change when the car is released in its official commercial edition.

The roof and mirror covers of the VF5 on exhibit at CES 2022 are painted a different color than the body. This is a popular color scheme on new urban SUVs like the Toyota Raize and Kia Seltos. Set of two-tone color wheels with five massive 18-inch spokes – quite a significant size when compared to versions with 16-17 inch wheels.

The two long side panels of the emblem are still utilized at the rear of the vehicle, however, they are not merged with LED lights, instead of being red panels. In the meanwhile, the taillights are arranged underneath the rear shock bumper.

The interior of the VinFast VF5 is fairly contemporary, with two electronic screens: the screen behind the steering wheel displays operational parameters, while the other is oriented to face the driver.

The 3-spoke bottom chamfered steering wheel has an excellent compositing detail below it. The EV seats appear to be made of a combined fabric and leather, with a noticeable two-tone color scheme.

Vf5 Range, Charging & Battery Pack

There’s no news yet on what’s going on beneath the surface. VinFast hasn’t specified which battery packs, charging capacity or motors will be used in any of their vehicles.

VinFast vf5 Specs

The new VinFast VF5 is still a concept car, no details and specifications have been released yet by the Vietnamese automaker. However, based on the exterior design and size, the VF5 is a class A electric car, making it ideal for city driving.

VinFast vf5 Price

In terms of cost, With the dimensions and features mentioned above, the VinFast VF5 compact size will be Fadil’s deserving successor in the small urban vehicle market, as well as VinFast’s most affordable car model. so among the all-new Vinfast car brand, the vf5 expected to be the lowest-priced electric car.

VinFast vf5 Warranty & Maintenance

No data is available yet regarding the Mile warranty.