Williams and Italdesign Advanced Engineering have created a modular platform for electric cars. The EVX platform will allow Williams and Italdesign to create several models on different segments in the company. But the two entities also aim to sell their new product to other manufacturers.

The EVX platform is based on a principle of modularity formula taken to the extreme. Its design turned to the ability to produce many solutions on this same basis. For this, the battery is integrated directly into the chassis.

According to its designers, this “skateboard” platform concept allows essential development technologies to be concentrated at the bottom of the electric car. Thus, with a structure concentrated on a surface reduced as much as possible, it is possible to think of the rest of the vehicle with more freedom.

“EVX integrates the battery holder and other structural elements of the chassis,” explains WAE and Italdesign. “The front and rear frame architecture structures system sit on the carbon hull. The higher middle section provides the stiffening necessary to exploit the platform’s potential. Both of these design philosophies reduce dependence on the upper structure of the body. This gives more design freedom for a variety of bodies. “

Williams and Italdesign super EV Review

The motor designed to reach up to 1000 kWh of power which promises high engine performance, while the battery pack can offer up to 160 kWh of capacity, unlike the other batteries’ small capacity. The range can thus reach 1000 km according to the two companies and this is what customers are looking for. These data are obviously maximum and will not be able to agree simultaneously.

In terms of size, the wheelbase of vehicles can vary from 2.90 meters to 3.10 meters. The smaller of the two current values ​​is equivalent to the wheelbase of a Porsche Taycan or an Audi e-tron GT. The question will now be which manufacturers will show interest.