As electric cars gain popularity, concerns about their impact on the environment, infrastructure, and traditional industries have led some states to consider restricting or even banning them altogether. Recently, rumors have circulated that Wyoming has passed a ban on electric cars, leaving many people wondering whether it’s true. In this article, we’ll investigate the claim and find out what’s really going on.

The Short Answer: No, Wyoming Has Not Banned Electric Cars

Despite what you may have heard, there is no ban on electric cars in Wyoming. The rumor seems to have originated from a bill introduced in the Wyoming legislature in early 2021 that proposed to impose a fee on electric vehicles to help fund road repairs and maintenance. The proposed fee was based on the idea that electric vehicles don’t contribute to gasoline taxes, which are a major source of funding for road infrastructure.

However, the bill did not pass, and even if it had, it would not have banned electric cars in the state. It would have simply imposed a fee on them, similar to the fees that many states already charge for vehicle registration, licensing, and inspection.

The Current Status of Electric Cars in Wyoming

While there is no ban on electric cars in Wyoming, the state is not exactly a leader in promoting electric vehicle adoption. As of 2021, there were only about 500 registered electric vehicles in the state, compared to over 400,000 in California. Wyoming lacks the infrastructure necessary to support widespread electric vehicle use, such as charging stations and incentives for electric vehicle purchases.

However, that may be changing. In 2020, the Wyoming legislature passed a bill that created a grant program to fund electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and the state has joined a regional coalition to promote electric vehicle adoption. Additionally, several cities in Wyoming, including Cheyenne and Jackson, have installed public charging stations for electric vehicles.


In conclusion, the claim that Wyoming has banned electric cars is false. While the state has not been at the forefront of promoting electric vehicle adoption, there is no ban or restriction on electric cars in Wyoming. As electric vehicles become more popular and infrastructure improves, it’s likely that we’ll see more electric cars on the roads in Wyoming and throughout the country.