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Last month, Xpeng’s sales surpassed NIO, and a new model is on the way.

In July, Xpeng reported 8,040 electric car deliveries, a 228 percent increase over the previous month and the second consecutive monthly record.

It’s also a significant success because the firm marginally outperformed NIO in terms of sales volume (7,931).

Xpeng has two models: the G3 crossover/ SUV and the P7 sedan, which has sold 40,612 units in less than 13 months. Both models are seeing continuous increases in sales.

In July, P7 deliveries reached new highs, demonstrating the P7’s growing appeal among China’s tech-savvy customers. Total P7 deliveries have reached 40,612 since the debut in July 2021, the first year anniversary of customer deliveries. The P7’s Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) highway solutions continue to grow in popularity, demonstrating the company’s dedication to technological advancement.

Here’s how much Xpeng’s two models have grown in terms of sales:

P7 Xpeng: 6,054 (up 269 percent year-over-year)
1,986 Xpeng G3 (up 145 percent year-over-year)
8,040 people in total (up 228 percent year-over-year)

Xpeng sales in China – July 2021

Sales have surpassed 38,000 so far this year:

Total: 38,778 Xpeng P7: 25,550 Xpeng G3: 13,228 (up 388 percent year-over-year)

Xpeng will shortly update the G3 with a new G3i mid-phase facelift version, after offering lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery choices for both the G3 and P7. In September 2021, customer deliveries will begin.

The next all-new Xpeng P5, which will hit the market in the 4th quarter of this year, is likely to have an even larger effect.

XPeng revealed the presale pricing range of RMB160,000 – RMB230,000 (after subsidies) for its third production version, the P5 family-friendly smart car, in July as well. The P5, becoming the world’s first mass-produced Smart EV with auto-grade LiDAR technology, is already receiving positive feedback from buyers during the presale period. The P5 will be released in the third quarter of 2021, with deliveries scheduled in the fourth quarter.

Xpeng recently stated that its third production facility is presently under development in order to prepare for future phases of expansion.