This is the very first time in China that a new vehicle manufacturer has received the highest rating in this category.

As per J.D. Power’s 2021 China New Energy Vehicle Initial Quality Study, the famous XPeng G3 small SUV has been rated first in quality in the compact battery-powered electric car class based on customer feedback.

With this classification, the XPeng G3 became the first prototype from a new auto manufacturer in China to receive the highest satisfaction rate in this segment, outpacing all other models from far more known brands in particular places such as the experience of driving, navigation systems, and seating.

Quality-assured intelligence that evolves. In the @JDPower 2021 China New-Energy Vehicle Initial Quality Study, the XPeng G3 scores first among small battery-powered EVs in terms of quality.

Xpeng Motors says:

Customer acknowledgment of the XPeng G3’s excellence and intelligence is reflected in its rating. In China’s New Vehicle Assessment Process (C-NCAP) safety test, it received the highest overall score of 92.2 percent among electric cars, as well as top G (good) ratings in occupant safeness, road safety, and vehicle auxiliary safety in the Chinese Insurance Automobiles Safety Index (CIASI) accident test.

The G3 boasts the greatest automated driving aid system in its group, thanks to XPILOT 2.5, and its auto parking function, which was ranked first by i-VISTA in 2020.

The AI-powered virtual assistant has a 99 percent usage rate, according to XPeng’s in-house created intelligence in-car operating system Xmart OS. Since its introduction, the XPeng G3 has got 105 significant firmware OTA updates, providing 55 new functionalities as of March 31, 2021.

For moreover two years, the G3 has been the second-highest pure electric SUV in its class in China since its debut in December 2018. The XPeng G3 received the greatest amount of insurance registrations among A-class pure electric SUVs in China during the first quarter of 2021.

We reported recently on the XPeng G3’s mid-phase facelift variant G3i, which was unveiled in China a few weeks ago. The redesigned G3i will be available for purchase in September.

The J.D. Power research, now in its third year, examines design-related and defects/malfunctions difficulties encountered by New Energy Vehicles (NEV) users in China during the first two to six months of owning. The number of issues reported per 100 cars determines the new vehicle quality (PP100).

236 issue indicators are divided into ten categories: features/controls/displays, exterior, interior, infotainment system, seats, driving experience, driving assistance, powertrain, temperature controls, and battery/charging.
The research is based on the replies of 3,976 car owners who obtained their cars between September 2020 and March 2021. There are 50 models in the research from 28 distinct brands, with 32 models having the necessary samples. The research was carried out in 53 cities across China from March to May 2021.