There are several electric vehicle sales competitions held throughout the world, and we cover many of them. The EV sales rivalry among Chinese EV companies is one of the most intriguing. China has more competitive, successful, and rapidly growing EV companies than any other country. I’m not even sure how many are out there in China. For me and many others, the most intriguing is XPeng and NIO. I’m simply blown away by their cars, which are essentially computers on wheels, and I’m aware that they’re both making their way into Europe and may (maybe) one day enter the U.s. market.

In August, NIO had yet another strong month, with 5,880 orders across the ES6, EC6, and ES8 platforms. Last month, though, XPeng surpassed that number with only one model. In August, XPeng sold a total of 6,165 P7 sedans, a new high. The XPeng G3 drew some interest as well, but it quickly went away.
When it comes to January–July sales, the XPeng P7 is ranked #10 in the total plugin model market. If plugin hybrids were removed, the P7 would be ranked eighth. Additionally, the P7’s sales appear to be steadily increasing, so we may see a better score next month. In fact, I anticipate it.

In August, no other version came close to matching the P7’s sales of 1500 units. Read our comprehensive Xpeng P7 page for a lot more information on the electrified smart car.