Rachid Yazami, a Moroccan scientist, dismisses reports that he intends to relocate to the United States, claiming that his top priority right now is to continue developing his specialty in Morocco.
Rachid Yazami, a Fez-born scientist, has rejected reports that he is planning to relocate to the United States, assuring Moroccans that he is fully committed to keeping his present lithium battery research projects in Morocco.

Yazami, the Founder and President of KVI Battery in Singapore, is a globe scientific inventor in the domain of lithium batteries who is known best for developing the graphite anode. Yazami’s innovation changed a wide range of modern electrical gadgets, including phones and automobiles.

Yazami has been recognized for his services to science by King Mohammed VI and a number of Moroccan and French organisations. Yazami’s lithium-ion research was recognized with a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019, however his name was removed for technical reasons.

Rachid could not say who was spreading allegations that he was about to flee Morocco for the United States. However, he seems to have concerns with the way that social media may give false charges a forum and legitimacy.

In the comments, Moroccans flocked to Yazami’s defense, with one lady praising his “patriotism” and characterizing him as the type of person required to “make Morocco a major industrial and economic power.”

Rachid has stated that Morocco would continue to develop lithium-ion battery technology. He also discussed his ambitions to assist in the development of a “Gigafactory” in Morocco.

Gigafactories are large-scale lithium-ion part factories that assist in the production of electric car battery packs.
Tesla and BYD, a Chinese-owned electric vehicle manufacturer, have previously indicated interest in establishing manufacturing facilities in the North African country. To improve its local skills, Morocco has also engaged in international EV research and technology initiatives.
A locally produced Gigafactory will be the next step in consolidating Morocco’s position as a leader in EV manufacturing in Africa and beyond, thanks to the essential knowledge of an innovator like Yazami.